Commercial Nutrition

  • Customized nutrient formulations for greenhouse and ground growers
  • Extensive variety of crops and growing systems catered for
  • Complete and balanced nutrient formulations
  • Free, friendly advice
Growth Technology has been supplying plant nutrients to hydroponic and greenhouse growers since the 1980’s. In acknowledgement of the unique character of each grower’s enterprise we offer customised plant nutrient programs tailored to the exact needs of each growers set of circumstances. We take a variety of elements into consideration, most especially the crop being grown, the quality of the water supply and the type of growing system being used when determining a plant nutrition program. The nutrients we supply are balanced and complete - complete in that every mineral nutrient the plant requires is in the formula. This is different to fertilizers where only one or a few minerals are supplied instead of the total number the plants need. We use the highest quality chemicals in our formulations. We use nitrates as the preferred nitrogen source, we do not use any components that contain either sodium or chloride compounds as this inhibits growth.  Micronutrients are supplied mainly as chelates. Our aim is a quality product that is customised to each grower. Growth Technology believes that a sound nutritional program is one of the cornerstones of a successful growing business. We are proud of our products and we invite growers to contact us to discuss how we can help them produce the finest products possible.